Past Grant Awards

The Foundation has provided over $200,000 in Grant awards since inception in 1998.



Examples of past grants:

Ruby Bridges Visit: $3,500

Numbers Talk Program: $1,500

Summer Color Guard Dance Clinic: $2,000

Weather Station: $2,600

911 Memorial: $500

Telescopes for Kids: $2,100

Mabee Farm Website: $1,000

Applied Physics in Aerospace Engineering : $1,500

Websites at Draper, Bradt amd Pinewood : $8,000

Summer Reading Program: $1,000

Book Nook Library: $3,500

Basketball Machine: $2,000

Visiting Author Books: $2,000

Classroom Integration of Technology: $1,050

Engineering Design &  Development: $1,600

Special Education Sensory Center Equipment: $1,238

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